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 Attacking Rules

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PostSubject: Attacking Rules   Sat Apr 09, 2011 10:22 am

This thread will give you some guidelines on attacking in RP's on HHF.

1)Nothing is absolute
You can not say that your attack hit. You can say what you aimed for, how fast your attack is going, and how difficult it should be to dodge, but it is up to the defender as to whether or not it actually hit. Also, you can't say your attack is un-dodgeable, it can be difficult to dodge but it is still up to the defender.

2) No impossible attacks
I don't see this one as being much of a problem, but here it is. You can't say that one second you were swinging for there legs, and somehow the blade ends up hitting their neck. Or one second you are behind them and trying to stab their chest. Things like that just make no sense.

3) Explain your post
There is no maximum word limit so be as specific as possible. Doing this will also help avoid one liners, but more importantly it will give your defender a good idea as to what you're doing whereas if they have no idea then they can't respond and the RP gets set to a standstill.

4) You are not All Powerful
This is is pretty self explanatory. I don't want a soldier on the Bleach side saying "And the power Bobby released was so incredible that the ground around him began to crack and shake." Soldiers are the lowest rank, so this wouldn't be possible. Or things like his attack was so strong it blew away a mountain, no. Your character are not God or any form thereof, so don't make them out to be.

More may be Added
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Attacking Rules
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