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 General Rules

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PostSubject: General Rules   Fri Apr 08, 2011 8:58 pm

These can be changed, edited, added to, and subtracted from at my discretion.

This may be roll playing, but the forum rules still apply. Failure to do so will result in punishment.

2) No God-Modding, Auto-hitting, Auto-Dodging ect.
If you do these things it makes role playing less enjoyable for everyone else. If you need help on how to Role Play, visit the Soul Academy (no matter what race you are). God Moding, if you have yet to know what it is, is when a person controls another person's character. It is NOT your character to control, so DON'T DO IT. The same goes for auto-hitting and auto-dodging. Nothing in battle is absolute.

3) No excessive gore
I know this is a fighting based RP site, but I don't want to know that the guys guts are in the ground or that brain matter is leaking from his head, and neither do younger forum members.

4) Keep Romance Limited
I know this is stated in the RotF, but here it is again. Nothing over PG-13 please. If you go past that, take it to PMs and then nothing over R rated. If you go above that and the admins of Forumotion find it, the site could get shut down. So please, PG-13.

5) Anyone of any Bleach race may be apart of the Soul Society and hold a rank.
Because of the story line, the 3 sides in Bleach (Soul Reapers, Arrancar, and Vaizards) have joined one team, but the only place anyone may join and hold rank is the soul Society. Arrancar can't hang out in the Vaizard hideout, and Vaizards can't chill in Las Noches.

6) Stealing
You all know it, some of you probably do it. Well not here. DO NO steal another person's character (ex. original name, original picture, etc.) without permission from the character's owner.

7) One Liners/Short Replies
Detail. Role playing is ALL about detail and interacting with other people through a form of writing. So write! As much as you can. But if someone's post before yours truly doesn't give you much to go on, then that is a different story. Just write as much as you can. Everyone will appreciate it.

8 ) Text Talk
IS NOT, in any way shape or form, allowed here. It is not only annoying, but sometimes extremely hard to decipher. Text Talk is considered a form of laziness. So do it in OOC (Out Of Character) and in PM's if you must.

9) Spelling and Grammar
We're not asking you to have a Master's or a PhD in writing. We're simply asking that, as you put that detail in your writing, you take time to make sure it's grammatically correct and spelling is as accurate as possible. Many internet programs (such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox) have spell check all ready programmed into its system, to make your life easier.

10) Respect
Here at HHF, everyone deserves respect and kindness. If you respect others, than others will respect you. If you have any problems, then PM an administrator and they will help you.

More may come
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General Rules
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